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In 2003 as my dissertation I posed the question ; “Is lighting design art?”


I decided upon this question after much deliberation as I was aware that the topic was by no means a simple one and that it did not particularly fit into the remit of the academic structure of the course.  However, it was a question I felt that at the beginning of my career as a lighting designer I needed to start to grapple with.  I don’t believe that my writings are a definitive answer on the subject nor that I necessarily still believe my conclusions to be the right ones.  But the process of writing this piece forced me to think seriously about the underlying fundamentals of lighting design and its greater relationship with theatre and the wider world.


I hope that my writings will be of interest and maybe even spark debate.  If you have any comments or questions please email:


Please note I am currently considering writing a development of this work and would greatly welcome input as to whether there is an interest in the subject, and thoughts for the development direction.  If you are interested in helping me with this topic please get in contact.