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August 2015

Due to the critical illness and ultimate death of my Mum the latter half of July and August finds me not working much.  Though I did find my self on the Saudi Supercup Final.  


July 2015

Oh Heck, sOOOO busy, "Quck Quacks Don't Echo" - TV show at Pinewood with Miles of LED tape, John Lewis Christmass, Phizer Conference, and The Henley Festival.  I'm sure I've missed one but it was all such a blur. 


June 2015

What ALREADY!  WOW - Another entry into Vogue A Little lighting of the other Mr Kanye though I believe they are pronounced diferently and one may even be a first name I a lead to believe. 


Feb-May 2015 Apologies feet hardly touched the ground, Lots of work, some high end camera work, some tour video technical design work. A little Avolites teaching with the Awsome Sage Gateshead lot :-)



Jan 2015

Ok, have hit the ground running is a slight understatement.  WoW can't believe it's not even half way through Jan yet, but I have to share this news with you.  I lit the Joshua Kane fashion show on the 8th of Jan and it's been covered in the GQ and Vogue Web sites.  


April - Dec 2014

Apologies avid folowers I have been somewhat remiss, not through lack of want rather thru lack of opertunity.  Let me see, Projection maping a porsche (Sound of Porsche London 2014), Jonathan Ross (Series 7), National Theatre Wales (Border Game -a Live and similtaniously multi video streaming show from a train), developing capturing imagination ( Plus John Lewis Christmass Shows in June and a few little events like a site specific National Theatre Wales show through out the Small Welsh Viliage pronounced "Lan" Spelt LLAREGGUB like a scrabble letter colection.  Now seriously now, don't ask me to spell it, look it up your selves.  p.s. the show was called Raw Materials and was in conjunction with the BBC.


March 2014

Congratulations to Paul E. & his new born :-)  I hope father hood suits you well sir.  Well it's the end of Jonathan Ross for at least a few months, and in the brief break before employment starts in earnest, considerable DIY auto motive and house projects, as well as a hard push on the development and web launch of capturing imagination.


Feb 2014

Wow I have now experianced more 4am s than i ever thought i would.  The Jonathan Ross show continues a pace along wtih planning and company development.


Jan 2014

HappY new year!

2014 and Rossy's back horray, tax return due bOO.  So here's to a great year everyone.

Dec 2013

Years end, A quick flit to italy to light a New Opera Hero's gig, getting delayed out there due to the Air Trafic Controll melt down in the UK.  Back into a Rossy or 2 then Beta testing and Piccadilly Live and to finish the year's work (I assume) a delight full John Lewis christmass celebration.  Well as we all know John Lewis deFinatly have the best christmasseS.


Nov 2013

John Lewis, Jonathan Ross, John Lewis, Jonathan Ross, Pole Fitness Photo Shoot, Jonathan Ross - I never though I'd see 02:00 from the wrong end so frequently.


Oct 2013

Take a deep breath here comes the list; CCRI conference, England Hockey game event, Frieze Art Fair, John Lewis Christmas event, LED install into Set for Stage Electrics, half a breath, installing the set for Stage Electrics, The Higher Education Exhibition,  re-installing the set at ITV studios, then the Fitness First conference, and finally further lighting script development for New Opera Heroes and a fright cinema experience in Leeds.

Sept 2013

Got Married - hooray, Lit a superbly moving and interesting theatre piece on and by trafficked women - Journey to freedom.  Then went immediately and did Christmas for John Lewis.

Aug 2013

Straight back from Canada into TV Motor Piloting for the 1st ever RIDE London.  

Now fro 2 wheels to 4 - the international launch of the BMW i3 electric car.

July 2013

Red Deer 2013 - celebration of 100 years of Red Deer city.  Wow a challenging set of circumstances and I have to say thank you to all involved for their monumental efforts.  Despite the most challenging weather conditions we could have imagined.  The greatest floods in 100 years some what hampered the intentions to float the illuminated units down the river.  We did how ever manage to put on superb projections on the water tower and create an interesting illuminated sculptural park .

June 2013

Planing for Canada

May 2013

Happy Birthday to me!  - And some worky stuff

Apr 2013

Research and development. The purchase of a High Def capable DSLR ensures more footage and images for your delectation. A week long site visit to Reddeer Canada a the beginning of the month for the River of Light Redeer and a forth coming camera wrangling job.  The month started with research and a development New Opera Heroâ��s Live Show. Time code synced Video, Sound and Lights and with the ability to pre program and visualise it in 3D.

Mar 2013

The tail end of Kinetica Digital Arts Fair and breathe, time to regroup, This month will see serious development towards the Creatmosphere - River of Light Reddeer project and Capturing Imagination, during this research phase there will be special offers to production companies willing to have their projects used as examples on the Capturing Imagination.  If any individuals or companies are interested please send a brief email to  

Feb 2013

Well a whirlwind month, it started in the Falkland Islands (finishing my first CSE tour, entertaining the troops).  Following that serious development work into a new business venture Capturing Imagination  will specialise in pre production and programming for lighting and video in the entertainment and contemporary art industries. (More about that in the coming months)

This went head long into working with the Rose Bruford Students and Designing the lighting for all  performances on the Musion stage and Kinetica Digital Arts Fair 2013 which was held at the University of Westminster.

Jan 2013

HAAAAAPY new year

And theyâ��re off, MUSEic video Shoot with wOOOOOfy productions then straight up to Manchester to take down Christmas ~(well the ice ink), now what else is in store, ahhh yes, Falklands maybe, Canada later in the year and of course Christmas again in July, itâ��s business as unusual and thatâ��s the way we like it.  

In further news in very shortly will have the technology to preprogram lighting and produce visuals (stills or video) for your show or event.  

Look out for further announcements imminently.

December 2012

Merry Christmas, and with that exact sentiment the month started, Large scale video projections onto St. Luke's church West Norwood, this was followed later the same week by filming of Messrs Cameron and Johnson.  Looks set to be a good December.  Then itâ��s in to 2013 ever one.

November 2012

Ice rinks continuum, plus  Eltham Christmas lights are  in order.

Oct 2012

Berlin for  Hypoglycaemia simulator back next day to do the launch Royal Launch of the St Georges park FA training facility.  Then working at the Showman show and finally working on ice rinks in Manchester.

Sept 2012

Where to start?  Board op-ing for a Sky TV series, revisiting Light Waves in Ipswich, representing theatre for Avolites at PLASA and being responsible for live projections  and vision mixing a 3 camera live transmission to the web for National theatre Wales.  Right now what will October have in storeâ�¦..ahhh Berlin.

August 2012

Back to the land and indeed the place of my birth, RAF St. Athan, for the National Theatre of Wales production of Coriolanus on which I am deputy AV on. It�s a site specific theatre in a disused aircraft hanger.

July 2012

Site Visit to Red Deer Canada then straight back into Christmas (it�s a confusing world I live in some times.

June 2012

Site visits and equipment training seems the order of the month.  Getting ready for what promises to be a busy and interesting summer period.  London, Canada and possibly further afield.  Will keep you posted.

May 2012

27th May, Edinburgh ½ and full marathon all in one morning.  For those of you that know me you will now have realised this was not done on 2 feet.  Rather on motorcycle under the ever professional eye of Peter Hession.  We were the  Steadi-Ride pilots for the camera men of steadicam-facilities, Jason Torbitt and Jonathan Galione.  We await the footage and will of course post a link on here as soon as it becomes available for public viewing.

12th May and Breathing trees launched at 19:00, there were cues until 03:00 , and a constant flow of people until 05:00 when we switched it off.  See here for reviews (sorry if you donâ��t speak spanish)

Lima, Peru Creatmosphereâ��s breathing trees will be presented in the Parque Mira Flores as part of the  as part of the. Noche En Blanco 2012.  

April 2012

Further Beta testing and the prospect of several exciting and interesting  projects seems to be the order of the month.  Canâ��t say to much at the moment but it looks like Peru may be calling amongst others.

March 2012

Another award, Creatmosphere is Highly commended at the Lighting Design Awards 2012. For the Ipswich LIGHTWAVES project for which I was heavily involved with.  Congratulations to the entire team.

Feb 2012

a quiet but awesome New Opera Heros  for whom I am the LD won the Kinetica Musion award (the MAMA).  In addition to this  planing preparation and development seems to be the order of the month.

Jan 2012

Unfortunately the Olympic event organisers seem to have mislaid my phone number. Sorry chaps but I canâ��t sit around waiting for your call the whole time.  So until â��thatâ�� call itâ��s business as usual and 2012 is shaping up to be busy.  Canâ��t say much yet but keep checking back for further info.

Dec 2011

Merry Christmas everybody.  Ice rink by the London Eye, Christmas lights, a brief flirtation with an opera company and thatâ��s the year nearly wrapped up.  Wow, frazzled but fine is probably the best description ;-)  right whoâ��s for silly Christmases games!?!  Suggestions on an email to

Nov 2011

Barking, no not  description of my mental state right now, rather the latest location of the Creatmosphere landing. From the 26th Nov to early December an urban forest reflects a virtual digital forest.  In Barking town square as if by magic an empty concrete space will blossom with projections.

Oct 2011

This month sees the opening of In My Shoes at the Soho theatre for which I am the Video Designer.  I was ably assisted on this project by Jon street of AVLUX.  This month I am also working at Wellington College assisting a shoot of  the Round Square International conference.  The End of the month sees a one night Creatmosphere production in Northampton.

Sept 2011

And after a very manic August the beginning of September is thankfully looking a little calmer.  A bit of time to recover before going full throttle again.  The end of the month will see the launch of the Creatmosphere Ipswich Project Light Waves (30th Sept 2011).

Aug 2011

Whether forecast; Creatmospheric high pressure in Ipswic.  The Waterfront lighting project is set to brighten up Ipswich marina around the Dance east area.  This project will go live in September but will see the Creatmospere crew hard at work in Ipswich for most of this month.  In addition to this I was also touring with the KX urban motorbike trials tour.  Exceptionally good motorbike trials riders.

July 2011

3 Music Videos for the very talented and fabulous Sianed Jones recorded and will be edited and up loaded in the near future.  Plus planing for the Ipswich install (more info next mohth) and by no means least the mass birdy-fest that was John Lewis Christmas' *yes Christmas* press show. Around 300 lights, nigh on a mile of cable and lots of Christmas trees.  Added to that a full on schedule and it puts one in a slightly confused state of time/mind.

June 2011

New Opera Heros, so heist die Band,  oh sorry yes English, New Opera Heros are the Band I closely collaborated with this month developing the lighting side of the show.  This is no ordinary Rock act, rather it is an integrated AV music Video extravaganza.  The visuals consist of Projections that appear both behind the performers and by the power of Musion hologram like in front of them.

The show was at the Lowry Manchester 12th June 2011 as part of the Digitfest.  Defiantly a show  not to miss, hereâ��s looking forward to many more!

May 2011

Contact from a dear friend and fellow theatre professional is always a pleasant surprise, epically when it comes with the possibility of design work.  On the 25th May the free wheelers theatre company will be performing Rachel Barnett's show â��your call is important to usâ�� at the Brighton Festival.  In addition to this further developments of the Steadi-Ride system moves a pace.

April 2011

I had a most unfortunate and stupid accident resulting in my broken right foot.  Rather a case of stops play, though it has allowed me to catch up on paper work and develop further SteadiRide a motorbike mounted steadi-cam, for increased fluidity and stabilised shots from a moving agile platform.

Mar 2011

20th of March 2011 Filming of the Reading ½ Marathon from off the back of a Motorbike.  Got some great shots, and next day found muscles I didnâ��t realise I had, let alone realised I was using.  High quality conceptual drinks launch event, I will be working again with Creatmosphere to create something individual, one off and unique for Ballantines whiskey.

Jan 2011

10th a morning phone call and by the evening I had just lit Kataleptic a the Place London the most recent work by the up and coming choreographer  Tom Kindell.  A fusion of contemporary moshing and contemporary dance.

In a personal note; on the 2nd of Jan I asked Ruth Heather Jones to marry me and we  are now  engaged to be Married.

Dec 2010

Colour waves -  Creatmosphere installation, this piece will both react to and also communicate with the public, creating an eye catching glimpse as they sail past on the DLR.

Oct- Nov 2010

20-30th 1977 will be being performed on Swansea High street. Not for the feint hearted, a truly imersive piece of theatre by Volcano theatre not to be missed,

At the beginning of this month I was working for Creatmosphere creating an instillation in Heidelberg Germany.  Giant illuminated Building Blocks creating a tor in the city centre along with breathing trees communicating across the town centre,

Sept 2010

Back in Europe and back in the UK.  This month see the start of working on a reworking of Volcano theatreâ��s 1977 production in Swansea.  It will also see the â��building mappingâ�� for Creatmosphere and a brief 2 days working at the Design Centre.

Aug 2010

Calgary a Celebration of the Bow River.  This Creatmosphere project compromised 2 sections, firstly a week long installation of â��data sphereâ�� in the lagoon each night displaying a years worth of data from the river in the form o flight.  The second was the release of 500 smaller spheres down a 7km stretch of the the river form Montgomery bridge to Princess island. For more information see or

July 2010

Cannizaro festival, this most refined of all festivals comprised several different acts from Bands to operas to short plays, it is held just off Wimbeldon common.

June 2010

On the 24-27th June 2010 I will be working on the film shoot for the Shire Hall project in Monmouth.

The Muse Sneezes directed by Sarah Dodd, at the Red Lion Theatre Islington on Monday the 14th June 2010 is where I will be technically assisting the production (or is that assisting the production technically?)

May 2010

Markus the Sadist - is being performed as a limited edition performance at the Bloomsbury theatre.  This wonderful feature length hip hop production is being performed again for a limited time run from the 17th - 20th May 2010, if you weren't lucky enough to see the tour last donâ��t miss out this time!

Apr 2010

Kings Cross Reveal with Creatmosphere.  A beautifully instillation of illumination along the hidden watery oasis of Kings Cross.

The (English language) National Theatre of Wales 2nd ever show â��Shelf Lifeâ��.  It is a devised site specific show in the old library - Swansea and promises to be spectacle to behold.

         Running from the 7-25th of April 2010.

Mar 2010

Performing at Clwb Hwaet on the 18th of March 2010

Pamouchin; use video technology as a bridge between

subconscious imagination and reality. A riot of colour and half formed

images ghosting through space�� A Pamouchin visited in a dream��.

Circadian rhythms�.REM sleep��And More���.

Feb 2010

Taliesin at the Point in Eastliegh was a great challenge but also a great success.  A small white space but we with the entire team we managed to produce a beautiful intimate show that was performed to nigh on full houses and was a pleasure for all to behold.

Jan 2010

As the year begins quietly in theatre land I though I would deviate from my normal specialism and do a little photography.  If you are interested in the results they can be seen at and  It also briefly stepped back into the world of video briefly to record the Long Insiders .


Great news for the new year.  Jonzi-D Productions Markus the Sadist is going out on tour in 2010 dates and venues are to be confirmed soon.  Sianed Jonesâ��s show Taliesin is also being performed again in 2010 on 10th & 11th of February and will hopefully also be at the Eisteddfod this summer.

Nov / Dec 2009

Lumière, a Celebration of Light at the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens Wisley Christmas installation, it ran till 3rd January 2010.

Dec 2009

I designed the lights for Nu Century arts show Not Quite Gospel at the Custard Factory, Birmingham.  The show ran from 15th to 20th December.  Working with the set designer we incorporated a light-box style outline as the back wall of the set.

Nov 2009

Creatmosphere�s installation at Lumiere - A Festival of Light for Durham ran from the 12th to the 15th of November 2009 and looked superb.

Oct 2009

You tube release of Markus the Sadist promo,

If the link doesn�t work, then search YouTube for Markus the Sadist.

Oct 2009

I have been designing the lighting for a feature length Hip-Hop production; Markus the Sadist by Jonzi-D productions.  The show is on tour until the end of October 2009, you can check out the tour schedule at  Despite there being considerable challenges in what I wanted to achieve with the equipment available and the budgetary constraints, with the superb help of my two board ops Tracy Hammill and Jon Street, without whom it is no exaggeration to say I could not have done it, we managed to programme a show that we can all be proud of.