Description: Full scale Lighting Console, expandable up to 250,000 parameters
Model: Grand MA compact XT
Parameters: 8192 in MA3 mode (expandable up to 250,000 parameters with additional MA-PUs)
Screens: 2 internals 1 external 
DMX: 6 Physical outputs
Weight: 20kg
Tech Specs:

Description: Portable lighting control kit in rugged portable casing, perfect for on location shoots.
MA Lighting: MA3 onPC 2k Node
Parameters: 4096 in MA3 mode
Screens: 2 touch screens
DMX: 2 Physical outputs
Switch: Built in 8 port POE Switch
Wifi: Built in Ubiquity Cloud Key

Description: Portable power pack 4x 13A outlets
Capacity: 1kWh
Max output: 1800W can run in "UPS style" mode
Weight: 12kg
Tech Specs:

Description: Collapsible Rugged Filming Cart large enough to fit MA3 Compact XT 
Weight: 25kg

Description: CRMX transmitter
Universes: 8 (in CRMX2 mode)
Data input: Ethercon
Power input: either POE over ethercon or Truecon
Tech Specs:

Description: CRMX transmitter
Universes: 1
Data input: 5 Pin DMX
Power input: Truecon
Tech Specs:

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